We do great things when we work together

People come first.

My philosophy is simple: put the partisanship aside, listen to the people, and get things done. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together—results that come with the experience and relationships I’ve built locally and at the State Capitol.

I’m honored to have secured funding for the creation of the Rare Disease Advisory Council, which coordinates the study and treatment of rare diseases. I helped pass reforms that stabilized the individual health insurance market in Minnesota, bringing our premiums to among the lowest in the nation. I supported record funding for our schools—including investments in special education and career and technical education—and I secured tax breaks for individuals, families, farmers, and small businesses. And I’ve been an advocate for important local projects like the Lanesboro Dam, Education Village, Southeast Minnesota Veterans Cemetery, Southeast Minnesota Veterans Home, and the Wagon Wheel Trail.

We are blessed with a quality of life in Southeastern Minnesota that few states can rival. I ran for office to help make sure future generations have the same opportunities for success as I enjoyed—and we do that by listening and working together.

Getting things done

  • Approved 2% annual increases to the per pupil education formula
  • Delivered more funding to help school districts cover growing special education costs
  • Provided additional resources to make schools safer across Minnesota
  • Boosted support for workforce development, student training programs, and public-private partnerships to prepare students for the careers of tomorrow
Health & Human Services
  • Secured funding for nursing homes and disability services, which I have long worked incredibly hard on
  • Created a Blue Ribbon Panel charged with finding $100 million in savings from waste and fraud and implemented strict new rules and oversight measures to stop child care assistance fraud and restore integrity to the program
  • Protected $8 billion for roads, bridges, and transit over the next two years
  • Fixed the troubled MNLARS system with a private sector solution
Tax Relief
  • Passed the first middle class income tax cut in almost 20 years
  • Continued to reduce Social Security Income taxes
  • Expanded the Working Family tax credit
  • Reduced the statewide property tax to provide relief for small businesses and farmers
Environment, Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Passed funding to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease
  • Appropriated funding for the Dairy Assistance, Investment, and Relief Initiative
  • Delivered $40 million for the Border-to-Border Broadband expansion program
Bills authored and passed by Senator Miller
  • Epi-Pen reform to protect good Samaritans who provide care to individuals suffering a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction
  • A new Rare Disease Advisory Council will quarterback the research and treatment of rare diseases
    Bridges to Health Care Program will receive resources to help low-income students pursue careers in health care